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Every party or celebration needs balloons doesn’t it? Balloons make a room look happy! We have been working with balloons for just over 20 years now and we know what works as well as what doesn’t! Balloons work incredibly well to pull layers of different height decorations together.

Balloons often get a bad rep because of their impact on the environment. Whilst it is absolutely true that some balloons are not great for those of us that want to be kinder to the environment, It isn’t the case with all balloons. If you use an insured, licensed and trained company for your balloons they will have the knowledge to help you with what options are available to you. We use a vast majority of Eco Friendly balloons. Our latex balloons are made from 100% biodegradable latex, Which naturally secretes from trees. Whilst there isn’t an eco friendly version available for all types of balloons we can advise you on the best options for your wedding or event. 

Balloons are a great way to add colour and height to the finished look of the room. When a room is dressed with stunning ceiling drapes and beautiful centre pieces sometimes the area at eye level is left with no decor, This is where the balloons come in perfectly. They work to bring all of the decorations in the together.

Whether you are looking for simple balloons or more elaborate designs we can help.
If you are looking for birthday balloons the best place to look is on our sister site

Balloon Arches, Bouquets of balloons, Large vintage style balloons, Columns, Letter & Number balloons, Organic balloon garlands and all other styles of balloon display are available.

For 2024 we are loving all the new shades of balloons, Hundreds of colours to match everything.